Green It Solution offers you its data recovery services from various media, such as hard drives, flash drives, various memory cards, etc. We recover data even from damaged hard drives, no matter what connection interface they use (SATA or SCSI).

Complete privacy
Are you afraid that your data will fall into “third parties”? Not necessary! We are fully aware of all responsibility to the client, so all the work on extracting information is carried out on the basis of our service center. Refusal to provide services “at home” was a deliberate necessity, since we are confident that fully competent and technically correct information recovery is possible only on special equipment with the help of a team of competent specialists. In addition, experience shows that working in a service center significantly reduces the time frame for your order. And, as a rule, the timing of the work is the condition that customers most often stipulate when contacting our center. We try to recover information as quickly as possible, and in some cases, when the carrier has no visible physical damage, we manage to cope with this on the day of the client’s request. So Feel free to Contact us for the services.