Mobile Data Recovery Solution

What We Can Do For You

Specializing in mobile phone data recovery we can recover lost or deleted photos, text messages, call history on most mobile phones. If you suspect your partner of cheating, we can also provide GPS locations. Do you know what your kids are up to on-line? We can also provide a list of deleted websites visited, chat logs, including WhatsApp, Facebook, viber etc. do you need the chats printed to prove your case in domestic abuse situations?

  • Complete diagnosis of the issue
  • Report on data availability
  • A managed repair and recovery service
  • Confidential service
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Advice on the nature of the problem

We do not only recover data from mobile phones and laptop we also recover data from almost any device or computer related hardware.

Hardware Maintenance And Support Services

Green IT Solution  has an enviable team of experienced and certified professionals to take care of the repair, maintenance and support services for all kinds of technology products. If you are facing any issues related to software or hardware, you can trust our IT experts to diagnose/repair the problem and ensure that your product is working in an optimal condition.

We provide support services for a range of products including Security System,Desktops, Notebooks, Printers , Hand Held Devices, Workstations, LCD,Servers, Storage, Networking Equipment . You can walk in to any of our support centers to get a superior support service experience. What’s more, you can also call us for a pick-up and delivery service at a nominal cost.

Computer Services and Support

Do you need your computer equipment repaired or serviced? We offer a quick turnaround time for repairs so that you can have your computer up and working properly.

Green IT Solution offers fast and efficient hardware equipment repair along with fast and reliable software installation. If you notice that your computer runs slower than usual or has stopped working altogether it may be due to a number of problems that we can detect during diagnosis. Our specialists determine the cause of what´s slowing down your computer and we provided you with an estimate or quote.
We offer corporate IT solutions with guaranteed work or computer repair for business. If we are unable to solve your computer´s problem or repair your computer, you are not required to pay. We are available and look forward to providing you with great service in solving any dilemmas that your equipment may be experiencing.

Do you have an urgent matter or need an IT engineer or technician on site for computer repair services? Contact us to learn more about our products and IT services. We are confident that by selecting our team you will find satisfaction in the way we care for and repair your equipment from your home, office or business.

We have the technology to install memory to make your equipment run faster at an affordable rate. Speed up your computer, old or new, by improving memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs. Let our professional services work according to your needs in IT support.

The hard disk installation lets you get the most out of your files, photos and music. If you fear that you are running out of space on your computer, we can help you with this. After determining what you need, we will install and configure your equipment and have your PC running at top performance.

Server Solutions

Simplify IT decisions and help solve the daily challenges that your business faces. Integrated server solutions can help improve your business’s productivity and performance. Our team of system managers and computer support are experts. Is your company or organization experiencing performance issues? Do your workers complain about application effectiveness? Is your email system just not enough? Are you afraid of losing important files or data? Are you worried about the safety of your company’s network security?

We are ready to put our years of experience to work for your benefit. Conducted by trained specialists in the accreditation of servers and certification of services and IT support, ensures the continuation of quality service. Our commitment is to give our clients the best customer support and service. Our agents work around the clock to ensure safety, reliability and effectiveness.

We are problem solvers that offer real solutions. We have experience in server installation, configuration and control of Windows Servers, including Windows Server, We know how to command the configuration of domain controllers, file servers, Exchange servers Or also known as business email or corporate email, fax Servers and Windows Small Business web servers. We have knowledge in solving common problems such as effectiveness and speed of Applications.

Protect your network by configuring a Linux firewall server that establishes strong policies to protect your organization and grants you control to monitor the web traffic of each user pertaining to your company.

Keep your Business information protected & secured with antivirus installation and configuration for your servers.

Setting up a local back up will ensure that your company’s important data will be stored safe and protected to ensure data recovery. We also offer cloud solutions and storage configuration or you have the option of having your data stored on a server.

Installations and Configurations Offered:
Microsoft Windows Server Family
Microsoft Exchange Servers (business email or corporate email)
Microsoft Active Directory domain controller configuration
Microsoft Small Business Server
Linux Server Family
Linux Firewall protected information
Creation, installation and server migration and disaster recovery


Access Control System

Security of premises through intelligent electronic security systems are today’s one of the mandatory requirements. Every business, secure premises or home requires certain techniques of locking and unlocking the physical access points. Access control system is the solution for all types of entry & exit related control and it collects the information about the access with time and other details. Intelligent access control system tracks every entry to your secure places and provides you instant information. The door access control system installed in your office can grant access, restricts access to card or person with conditions of access. Smart access control system have the features of CCTV integration, recording of all types of events, integration with fire alarm system from safety point of view and can also be integrated with building management system.

Video Surveillance Equipment – CCTV Security Camera

System Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them. This can include observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment (such as CCTV cameras), or interception of electronically transmitted information (such as Internet traffic or phone calls); and it can include simple, relatively no- or low-technology methods such as human intelligence agents and postal interception. Analytic Camera Dark Fighter Camera DVR, NVR, HYBRID DVR Fish Eye HD-SDI HD-TVI Network Cameras PICADIS Camera Pinhole Camera Speed Dome Cameras Thermal Cameras.

Green IT Solution is the most trusted and dependable world-wide supplier for Hardware New/Refurbished, Used,  Cisco , Juniper , HP , TP-Link , Dell latest Routers and Switches Network Equipment,  Telecom Equipment,We build relationships around dependability and honesty, with a commitment to high quality and superb value.


Point-Connect – Wireless Communication Green IT Solution Point-Connect is based on multi-vendor and latest wireless technologies. Our high-performance wireless solutions operate in multiple frequencies, providing reliable connectivity when and where you need it. We design optimum solution according to the customer’s requirement and feasibility. We provide diverse wireless solutions including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, MESH and hybrid solutions.


Quick and easy to connect
Wire-speed data transfer
24/7 technical assistance
Future investment protection
Consistently reliable connectivity
Maximum data security
Cost effective and adaptable solutions
Increased operational efficiency
Remote IT Assistance

The ability to provide a service without having to be physically in the place where it is required is a benefit that today is thanks to Information Technologies (IT), that allows us to configure, monitor and solve any inconvenience that does not require to be present in that place. It is beneficial in the following cases:

When they are in very distant places and an immediate solution is required.
When spaces are too small for too many people to be present at the same time.
When you need to set up or review an incident outside your office hours or even when the office is closed.
You do not need to take your computers to IT professionals, but they can reach you in much less time.

Network Cabling Services

Network Cable Management is important in all businesses today. This service refers to the installation of equipment to secure cables for electrical and data services in a given building. Cable management is important in information technology (IT), communications, and power distribution.

Need just a couple of new network cables to get your office up and running? or Moving soon? From simple to complex, our licensed communications technicians are able to repair, add on or design an entirely new office computer network cabling from start to finish! All of our solutions include a comprehensive Cabling and IT infrastructure evaluation.

Cable management both supports and contains cables during installation, and makes subsequent maintenance or changes to the cable system a smoother process. We use products such as cable trays, cable ladders, and cable baskets to support a cable through cabling routes.

Cables have the tendency to become tangled, making them difficult to work with. Devices sometimes become unplugged as one attempts to move a cable, also known as “cable spaghetti”. At Green IT Solution, we organize your network cables in such a way that allows for easy known access to the necessary cables. When the cables are properly installed this prevents tangled chords and wires and ensures functionality and safety.

The IT industry needs voice and data cabling added, moved, or removed many times during the life of an installation. It is customary practice to install fixed cables between cabling closets or cabinets. Get your network cable needs up and running efficiently by our trained staff. Call Green IT Solution today for an estimate.