Yes, it is actually possible to recover the deleted safari history from your iPhone. iPhone stores data in a database known as SQLite. When you delete data on your device, the iPhone switches the data from “mapped” to the “unassigned” category, but leaves it there-as soon as you add new data to the device, it becomes a space in the Unassigned category If the data is not overwritten (if you are not adding new data to your iPhone), a third-party iPhone data recovery tool may access the “unassigned” category of the SQLite database and the deleted data recall.

If you backed up your device to iTunes or iCloud, you can easily restore it from backup. Actually, iTunes and iCloud can back up both existing and some deleted data, but you can not see the deleted data even if you restore the backup. In this case, a professional iPhone data recovery tool can help you see the deleted safari history in the backups. Contact us

Please note that you may stop using your iPhone if you find that you have lost data. Any new data created on the device can overwrite the missing data so that it can not be recovered.