Data loss is becoming an increasingly common and serious phenomenon in our day and age, as we are increasingly relying on the storage and preservation of important data. Since precautions are often not taken or sufficient, data recovery from data carriers such as hard drives, SSDs or more complex NAS and RAID systems and servers is due. But the good news is we can help you in almost all cases and recover the lost data. Check Now

Data losses that we can approach as professional data rescuers

Often the causes of data loss are difficult to control and are caused by external influences. This includes damage after physical impact (fall, vibration), water and heat damage. Even a failure of the electronics can cause a failure of the entire storage medium, so that the device no longer works or is detected. Very often, however, the loss of data is also due to logical damage (due to software errors, crashes or personal negligence due to accidental deletion). In this case, the hard disk, the stick or similar works. although still, but there is no access to the stored data.

In 3 steps to data recovery
In order to restore your data safely and completely, we proceed systematically – our work can be roughly divided into 3 steps:
1. Diagnosis : After we have received a disk affected by data loss, it will be thoroughly examined with special software and expert personnel. We recognize the cause of the data loss and the extent of the damage.
2. Costing : With the knowledge of the extent of the damage we can give you in a quotation the price for the data recovery exactly. Afterwards, you decide whether you want to use our data recovery service.
3. Implementation of data recovery : Have we placed your order for data recovery, our technicians can immediately start restoring your data. The duration of the rescue varies depending on the severity of the damage and the type of data carrier. At the end, we will hand you the data on a separate medium and send it to you by mail (pick-up on site is also possible).
Our special services for you
We offer our data recovery at fair prices and always try to do this as fast as technically possible. The diagnosis lasts at most 24 hours; In an emergency, our emergency service diagnosis takes only 2 hours. If, unlike expected, data recovery is unsuccessful, you will incur only the cost of diagnosis.

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